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Let's Learn 

Children's Academy

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Preschool Program

These years are critical for active little learners and Preschool is an essential part of the journey to kindergarten and beyond. In this social, interactive space, children’s strengths are amplified as they work together. Hands-on early childhood learning experiences help children develop key school readiness skills, such as:

  • Building independence
  • Cooperation & communication skills
  • Hands-on learning

Assessing Children's Development and Learning

Through regular assessment, teachers understand what each child knows and can do. This helps them decide which materials, activities, and experiences to add to help children continue learning. Teachers assess children's learning and development by

  • Regularly taking notes on what children do and say
  • Collecting samples of children's drawings and writings
  • Taking photos of the things children make
  • Using screening tests to identify when children need more learning support
  • Asking you what activities your child does at home and what interests he has