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Health and Safety

Let's Learn Children's Academy unequivocally endorses the COVID-19 vaccine, and strongly encourages every member of our organization to get vaccinated.  We are committed to providing a healthy, safe, and joyful learning environment where our children are happy to learn, play and grow.

We continue to diligently monitor the COVID-19 pandemic as the health, safety and well-being of our children, families, staff, and communities that we serve are our highest priorities. LLCA takes a layered approach to our health and safety policies that include the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control as well as meeting or exceeding the guidelines issued by state and local governments.

The following are our most recent policies and guidelines to support our commitment to a healthy and safe environment for our children, families, and staff.

  • Vaccines: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, Let's Learn Children's Academy strongly and unequivocally recommends and encourages all LLCA staff in its childcare center receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  LLCA employees must follow and comply with any and all vaccine mandates from state and local governments.
  • Drop-off and pick up: Where permissible by state licensing and regulatory agencies and at participating centers, one adult per family may drop-off and pick up their child in the main hallway outside of their child’s classroom. Where not permissible, drop-off and pick up will take place in the center’s lobby or vestibule area.
  • Temperature checks: Everyone entering the center, including children, will be required to have their temperature checked and logged per state regulatory guidelines.
  • Health screenings: Where required by state and local agencies, family members and staff will answer some health screening questions at check-in
  • Managing illness: Please stay home if you are sick. LLCA requires any children or staff with illness symptoms or fever to stay home until fever free for at least 24 hours without fever reducing drugs.
  • Social Distancing: Everyone must continue to follow social distancing guidelines of a 6’ distance between people; this includes staff, families, and children to the extent possible. Napping children will be placed alternating head to toe with a 2’ minimum distance between mats and cribs (unless county or state licensing agencies mandate a specific policy).
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Face masks are encouraged at LLCA  however, per the new CDC mask guidelines, at a minimum fully vaccinated staff are no longer required to wear masks indoors or outdoors, unless required by state mandate.
  • Clean and Sanitized Centers: Toys, books, craft materials, cubbies, and other high-touch surfaces will be routinely disinfected and rotated. High-touch surfaces are disinfected frequently throughout the day. REMOVE: Daily laundering of crib sheets for infants; Cot and crib sheets will be changed daily and sent home daily.
  • Hygiene: Frequent handwashing is always required for children and staff and for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer will also be available for adults throughout the center.

As we have throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Let's Learn Children's Academy ill continue to share information, tools, and resources to support you and your families as we navigate this situation together. For more information and resources on COVID-19 and vaccines, please visit the CDC Coronavirus Page.